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Follow your senses to discover the wonder of The Lotus Flower®

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Deepen your breath to connect with a sense of infinity


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Turn your gaze from East to West

Glide along the mystical waters of the lakes of Myanmar to Lake Inle for an encounter with purity: the spectacular Lotus Flower.

Untouched exotic lands that birth a fragrant symbol of sacredness.

The soft scent of dawn awakens the flower to come forth from the sombre waters, emerging miraculously pristine each morning.

This ancient ritual gives vigour to the subtle stalks, which then become our prized fibre.

A fleeting 24 hours is all we have to guarantee the exceptional quality of the fibre, which is collected by hand according to tradition from May and October.

Absorb the echo that arises as the stalks are twisted on a hard surface.

Spun and woven by hand, the honorable process that we work tirelessly to preserve is orchestrated exclusively by women for a limited 50 metres of fabric each month.

A fabric that retains its natural properties: breathable and crease-resistant, with a thread diameter ranging between three and five micron.

See how 6500 stems compose the length for a blazer.

Uncover our phenomenal Lotus Flower pieces, with a handle so much rarer than cotton and linen.

Discover our excellences